Technology for ecological consolidation of natural heart on site

The possibility of using the same soil already on site, improving and stabilising it for road foundations or for open face pavement in natural earth, has allowed for the growth of this particular technology, the fruit of research and continuous testing.

Soil that is usually considered to be waste from a geotechnical point of view (organic clay, lime clay, organic soil or peat) and in general removed and substituted with costly quarry stone (sand or gravel), thanks to this technology is re-used and re-qualified.

The procedure for stabilising soil onsite is very simple and saves up to 50% compared to traditional systems, avoiding costly excavations and earth movement, allowing less use of riverbed or ex- riverbed sand, whose traditional excavation is running out in a few Italian regions, creating backlashes that are not indifferent to the economy and cause irreversible damage to the natural environment.

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  • eliminating active organic substances
  • increasing the forces of inter-granular cohesion
  • homogenising earth-cement mixture
  • limiting the deleterious eects deriving from shrinkageduring taking hold
  • diminishing the destruction caused by freezing/thawingcycles on the already hardened layer
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