paving in natural granulated marble

GREVELIT is paving in natural granulated marble made by us, with variable granulometry according to the type of design being produced; the granules are held together with single component resin, water based and non toxic, according to our specifications.

Paving made in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings: ease of placement, the possibility of interesting creativity and colour schemes, excellent mechanical features, drainage and resistant to use and weather, all at a reasonable cost, make this a unique product with broad applicative success.

GREVELIT technology is in constant development in our laboratories, to simplify work stages that enhance its performance.

Our paving has been approved by the Superintendent of Architectural, Archaeological and Environmental Assets, Mountain Municipalities, Municipalities, Provinces and the AIAPP.

The certifications obtained by material laboratory tests allow application in significant private and public entity projects.

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Areas of activity

  • Terraces
  • Cycling paths
  • Piazzas
  • Parks
  • Roadways
  • Playgrounds


Load granulated marble

Withdrawal cement

Withdrawal resin

Mixture ready

drawing up primer

Drawing up mixture

Colors available

White Botticino

White Carrara

Yellow Mori

Yellow Siena

Gray Bardiglio

Brown Mahogany

Red Verona

Green Alps

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